1. Please, read carefully the description of the houses, photos, cancellation policy and prices.
  2. IMPORTANT: You must bring your original passport and tourist visa, NOT photocopies, as these cannot be accepted at casas.
  3. You must check all the details of your reservation in the confirmation email are correct.
  4. After you receive your booking confirmation; your reservation is secure and you do not need to further reconfirm your reservation.

Changing dates

  1. It is just possible if the hostal has rooms free for the new dates.
  2. If arriving before the original booking date the deposit will cover the new arrival date.

Cancelation policy:

Trinidad Rent is very proud of its record, but if for any reason beyond our control we have to cancel your reservation we will provide you with another house of a similar standard. If possible we will inform you in advance by email. Alternatively we will let you know on arrival at the hostal. 

The reservation will be cancelled without any refund if:

  1. The client does not arrive on the agreed date. If the reservation is for more than 1 night, the reservation for the subsequent nights will be cancelled completely (see changing dates above).
  2. The client does not bring a valid passport and visas (photocopies not permitted).
  3. The deposit is non-refundable, if you cancel or if you arrive after the agreed date. 

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